Thursday, October 11, 2018

Interview at CTN

This evening I was interviewed at the Cable Television Network in Ann Arbor about my new music video, "Happy Birthday Baby." The half hour interview will run on CTN Channel 17 ten times. The dates and times are as follows: Saturday 10.13.18 3 pm, Sunday 10.14.18 9:30 pm, Monday 10.15.18 11:30 am, Wednesday 10.17.18 10 am, Thursday 10.18.18 8 pm, Saturday 10.20.18 2:30 pm, Monday 10.22.18 2 pm, Tuesday 10.23.18 7:30 pm and 10 pm, Friday 10.26.18 9 am and Saturday 10.27.18 at 3 pm.

It was great fun working with many crew members who I know but had not seen in a while!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Singing at the Ann Arbor Art Fair

The Ann Arbor Art Fair was a while back, but I just received video from CTN that was taken at their booth. I volunteered during several time blocks and in addition to answering questions I sang my new song, "Happy Birthday Baby." Here I am singing to Ann Arbor resident Dale Leslie.