Friday, September 14, 2018

Sixteen Costume Changes!!!

Last night my friend, Janet Schinco, assisted me with 16 costume changes during a video shoot for "Happy Birthday Baby." We did it against a green screen at Washtenaw Community College. All the costume changes and singing the same song over and over under hot lights was grueling but we got it done in four hours (not including setup).

Louis Kellum was the videographer and he patiently waited while I changed into different costumes. Some costume changes went quickly. Others took a lot of time. Here I am in a Pakistani salwar.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Getting Ready: The "Happy Birthday Baby" Video

I am getting ready for a fabulous "Happy Birthday Baby" video. Did you know that across the globe over 20 million people celebrate their birthdays every day of the year? Not until I did a web search did I realize how many people there are on earth. Then I did the math.

I have given great thought to video creation for the song. Once I did the web search, I decided to create a video with an International Theme. Having collected costumes from around the world during my travels, I found myself uniquely prepared for the challenge. The video will feature me in fifteen different traditional outfits from around the world, then wearing the "Happy Birthday Baby" tank top, hat and jeans as the music fades.

The countries/areas that are featured through costume are: China, Germany, Guatemala, Hawaii, Holland, India, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, 
Middle East, Pakistan, USA, Vietnam, and Spain.

I was surprised when I removed the carefully wrapped, grass skirt I had purchased in Hawaii years ago to find that it totally fell apart. Sometimes authentic is not possible! I ordered a synthetic one online.

Special thanks go out to my daughter, Jocelyn, who brought back a flamenco dress for me years ago when she was in Spain. At the time she asked what size to get -- and I said, "See what size fits you, then add two sizes." 

I also appreciate my sister, Nancy, who travels to Guatemala several times a year, bringing back traditional garb for me on one of her trips years ago. She couldn't understand why I wanted it -- and I wasn't quite sure at the time, either, but I was sure I would have a use! 

Also, I wanted to wear my wooden "Dutch Girl" shoes but had no clothing for the ensemble. After making a number of calls, I spoke with the Holland Area Visitors Bureau in Holland, Michigan. The bureau has a bevy of costumes that are used for business purposes -- and I was told I could come in, try some on, and borrow the one I choose for the shoot on Thursday!

There is a story behind every outfit. ;)

A good friend, Janet Schinco, came over several days ago and helped me try on all the outfits to see what accessories made sense and make sure we would be good to go on Thursday for the initial videotaping. We made a list of a few odds and ends that needed to be gathered.

So now I just have to go out and buy some knee socks to go with the Lederhosen I bought in Germany when I was 18 years old. Can you believe it? They still fit!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Winnebago Rialta May Be The New Tour Bus

An extended 'Best Musical on Broadway' tour across North America (USA and Canada) with "Mrs. President Lincoln" and "Bernhardt On Broadway" is in the works to commence Spring 2018. Writer, composer and actor Carol Dunitz is considering purchasing a Winnebago Rialta for the tour, which may last as long as 6 months. 

Extensive planning is under way that will take both shows to between 80 and 100 cities in close to fifty states and five provinces. There is "a big hook" as to where Dunitz will be performing but at present she is keeping it under wraps.

Fo the present, imagine theatrical graphics on this beauty!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Carter Sherline Photographs Carol Dunitz

Photographer Carter Sherline of Frog Prince Studios recently met with Carol Dunitz at CTN Ann Arbor where he photographed Dunitz in front of a green screen.  Dunitz posed in the two costumes she is set to wear during the first and second acts of the new musical, "Mrs. President Lincoln." 

After removing the original background, Dunitz used photoshop to place her image on a traditional background.

These photos now appear in the "Mrs. President Lincoln" Media Kit at:

Thank you, Carter!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Carol Dunitz Announces Completion of Original Cast Album for New Musical: "Mrs. President Lincoln"

The Original Cast Album for "Mrs. President Lincoln" is now available.  Carol Dunitz, who wrote the music, book and lyrics, co-orchestrated with Nicholas Thomas-Low.  Sound engineering was provided by Rob Crozier.

CDs are available at

Friday, January 16, 2015

Best Musicals On Broadway

Welcome to the new blog for what will soon be the best musicals on Broadway. "Bernhardt On Broadway" and "Mrs. President Lincoln" are headed to Broadway this summer.  "Bernhardt On Broadway" is about Sarah Bernhardt, the great French actress who 100 years ago was the most famous woman in the world. "Mrs. President Lincoln" is about Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of Abraham Lincoln, who served as his advisor for most of his career and as an ambassador once she and her husband settled in The White House.

Both shows are full length, two hour musicals.  Each has twelve original songs.  Carol Dunitz researched, wrote, composed and stars in these compelling plays.

More information is available at and